Torrent file up!

March 23, 2016

Hello all and thanks for your patience during the recent downloading woes.

Please see on the left hand side for the link to the torrent file.

Not working for you? Leave a comment below…..


Love, stim

4 Responses to “Torrent file up!”

  1. David Says:

    The torrent shows as having a virus W32/Risk.ZUTK-0482
    any comment?

    • stimresp Says:

      Hello David,

      Happy to comment.

      Yes, I believe the virus alert is particularly due to 38911Bytes which Odo previously conformed raised virus alerts.

      Since these plugins are older DLLs now, it’s quite possible that others will also throw alerts. I haven’t checked recently but this is why i had to remove all download links and provide a torrent (google malware alerts).

      I (and about 250,000 other people) can confirm that there is no malware.

      If you find specific evidence of an actual threat I would like to see it.

      As with all free software on the internet, use at your own discretion.


  2. pavlukivan Says:

    Tracker is not working for me

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