Torrent file up!

March 23, 2016

Hello all and thanks for your patience during the recent downloading woes.

Please see on the left hand side for the link to the torrent file.

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Love, stim


Unknown64 Pro

April 9, 2012


April 8, 2012


April 7, 2012


April 7, 2012


Rhythms 3

April 6, 2012

includes all versions of Rhythms and the individual modules.

TB-Unknown 2

April 6, 2012


April 5, 2012

Simply an amazing performance instrument.

A hybrid synths/sampler drum monster, it comes with over 50Mb of samples from Odo’s personal vault.

You MUST try this.

Oddly Organ

April 5, 2012


April 5, 2012

A delightfully quirky 6-op FM synth with multi-point envelopes and a multimode filter. Each operator has a separate PWM control which can be synced to tempo. Topped-off with chorus and delay.

Features a wide selection of algorithms including all those from the DX-7.